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Breaking News Thu, 31 Jul 2014
Full Moon
Oblate Spheroid   Photos   Wikipedia: Moon   Shape of Moon   Space Orbit
 The Independent 
Scientists explain mystery of our 'lemon Moon'
It might look like a perfect sphere to you and I but scientists have now declared that the Moon is most definitely “lemon-shaped”. Researchers from the University of California published a new study... (photo: Creative Commons / ComputerHotline)
A Facebook logo over google map of Kansas, United States
Airtel   Photos   Social Networking   Wikipedia: Facebook   Zambia
 The Guardian 
Facebook's new mobile app offers 'free basic' internet services in Zambia
The Internet.org app ditches data charges for health, weather, Wikipedia and social networking, with more countries to follow Facebook's Internet.org app is launching in Zambia through operator... (photo: WN / Yolanda Leyba)
2005/04/20 Alien Asteroid Belt Compared to our Own - Figure 1: Band of Light Comparison       This artist´s concept illustrates what the night sky might look like from  a hypothetical alien planet in a star system with an asteroid belt 25  times as  The State 
Did the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs hit at just the wrong time?
Bad timing can be deadly. The asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs smashed into Earth during a period of environmental turmoil when the ancient food web was vulnerable to collapse, according to a new... (photo: NASA/JPL-Caltech)
Dinosaurs extinction   Earth   Photos   Science   Wikipedia: Cretaceous–Paleogene extinction event
A tiger, as seen from above its cage, as it feeds during lunchtime.  The Independent 
Save the tiger: The animals bred for bones on China’s tiger farms
There are more tigers in Chinese tiger farms than exist in the wild in the rest of the world. The tigers are bred for their hides and their bones which are used in a wine. The trade in tiger parts was... (photo: WN / RTayco)
China   Photos   Tigers   Trade   Wikipedia: Tiger
Top Stories
Gaza battle rages into fourth week Taipei Times
Gaza battle rages into fourth week
Israel’s bombardment of Gaza left dozens more Palestinians dead yesterday after a black day for the Israeli army, with the spiral of violence showing no sign of abating.... (photo: UN / Paulo Filgueiras)
Gaza   Israel Defence Forces   Palestinian   Photos   Wikipedia: Gaza Strip
Palestinians flee their houses following an Israeli ground offensive in Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip Spiegel Online
The Children of War: A Humanitarian Catastrophe Unfolds in Gaza
Israel's incursion into the Gaza Strip triggered a bloody war. Brutal images of dead and injured Palestinians have circulated widely, but a cease-fire still appears to be... (photo: WN / Ahmed Deeb)
Gaza Conflict   Human Rights   Photos   UN   Wikipedia: 2014 Israel–Gaza conflict
INDIA-AIR-POLLUTIONThe polluted carbon gas of a compani. At Opposit to Khardah 26th temple river ghat on Rishra in Hooghly in Eastern India ---- WN/BHASKAR MALLICK The Times of India
Human-induced water vapour next climate threat
NEW YORK: The rising levels of water vapour in the upper troposphere - a key amplifier of global warming - owing to greenhouse gases will intensify climate change impacts... (photo: WN / Bhaskar Mallick)
Greenhouse Gases   Photos   Solar Activity   Troposphere   Wikipedia: Global warming
Markets abuzz with Eid shoppers The Times of India
Markets abuzz with Eid shoppers
ALLAHABAD: The markets in the old city were buzzing with activity as people thronged shops for making purchase on Monday. There was enthusiasm among the people to see the... (photo: WN / Imran Nissar)
Eid   India   Muslim   Photos   Wikipedia: Eid al-Fitr
Security Council Unanimously Adopts Resolution Affirming Critical Role of Regional Cooperation in International Peacekeeping, Security (28 July 2014) (United Nations Security Council) noodls
Security Council Unanimously Adopts Resolution Affirming Critical Role of Regional Cooperation in International Peacekeeping, Security (28 July 2014) (United Nations Security Council)
(Source: United Nations Security Council) Security Council 7228th Meeting (AM) International, regional and subregional organizations must create partnerships that enable... (photo: UN Photo / Catianne Tijerina)
C. African Republic   International Peacekeeping   Photos   Security Council
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